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Finding corporate housing in Kansas City

Is there such a thing as corporate housing in Kansas City? The short answer is most definitely yes. As Kansas City, Missouri is one of the biggest business centers in the United States, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of opportunities to invest in real estate in this fast-paced urban environment. The second most popular answer is probably not as obvious, but yes – there are indeed housing options for corporate housing investors. Whether you are looking for an executive suite in a high end corporate office building in the heart of the city, or just a simple rental apartment with plentiful amenities and easy access to downtown Kansas City, is really up to you.

For those who are interested in buying, there are several options available for those looking for furnished apartments. The first and most popular choice is probably the local favorite called the Crestpark Apartment, which is located in the heart of Crestwood Village in Kansas City. Along with nine private pools, the apartment is very close to downtown Kansas City and the Best Western Maplewood Inn, making it perfect for those interested in living in the neighborhood. The Crestpark Apartment also offers great security features, and is just steps away from the heart of Kansas City’s entertainment district, The Power Plant, and The Pit.

If you aren’t interested in purchasing a house, but still want the convenience of a home for your employees, there are lots of other options for short term and long term lodging in Kansas City. One option is the popular Hanes Incorporated Park Town Complex. The Hanes Incorporated Park Town Complex is conveniently located just minutes from downtown Kansas City, in the middle of an active downtown business area. There are many local attractions at the Park Town Complex, including The Kansas City Symphony, Scottrade Center, The Sprint Center, Scottrade Events Center and The Postcard Art Museum. As an added bonus, many of the furnished apartments feature easy access to Kansas City’s well-known shopping districts, including The Banksy Building and the Scottrade Center. This gives Kansas City residents all the convenience of living just minutes away from everything they could ever want to do in Kansas City.

One of the newest options in the top destinations for Kansas City housing, are the West End Apartments located north of downtown Kansas City. The West End is conveniently located just a few blocks north of an abundance of restaurants, bars and shopping malls that one might wish to visit while in Kansas City. This residential neighborhood is only a short walk to some of the best public transport services in Kansas City, such as The Kansas City Trans strip and The Kansas Cityrolley System. Plus, the West End Apartments is conveniently located close to The Best Western Seven seas Hotel and Scottrade Center, making them easy destinations for nightlife, entertainment and dining.

Those who are interested in purchasing a piece of property in Kansas City may want to look into the various options that are available in the top destinations for corporate housing in Kansas City. Two of the best locations to look into when it comes to this type of housing are The West End and The Avenue. The West End is located right in the middle of Kansas City’s central business district. This highly sought-after destination for corporate housing features both executive style apartment units and penthouse suites. Both styles of lodging are fully furnished with high-speed internet, security systems, fireplaces and hardwood floors.

An excellent option for those looking to purchase real estate in Kansas City is the loft-style residential neighborhood of The Avenue. This newly developed residential neighborhood features studios, one and two bedrooms, individually owned homes, duplexes, lofts and apartments. Amenities include hardwood floors, fireplaces, hard wood decks, state of the art kitchen/breakfast facilities and more.

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